Search for missing Man

February 2012

Search for missing man (NWEvening mail 22/2/12)


To assist in a recovery operation


To assist in a recovery operation day (2 day)


Incident 1 Five people SAVED from rising tide

Incident 2 Three people cut off by tide

Incident 3 Two people in danger of rising tide


Incident 1 Five young people caught by rising tide at Chapel Island - ALL SAVED            

Incident 2 Walker caught by rising tide but managed to get ashore


Incident off Chapel Island. Man and Dog trapped by the tide


Called by M C A Liverpool to search Foulney Island and Piel Island for missing man. Body found ended in being a recovery operation.

July 2012

Requested by Port of Barrow to assist in the recovery of a navigational buoy being a danger to shipping.


Called to assist two people to safety off Chapel Island-incoming tide.


Vessel reported to be in distress. Kept under observation, Small craft and crew reported safe.


Provided cover for walk across to Chapel Island. Lady unable to continue and was driven back to safety on Quad Bike

Sept/Oct 2012

Attended to various flooding and minor incidents, taking sea water samples for environmental agency


Major flooding incidents in South Cumbria.  Called out to Ulverston flooding, requested by Police to go to Dalton in Furness, assisted in pumping out flooded homes until 1.15am, 15 homes pumped out and two vehicles rescued.


Called out by Ambulance Service. Due to bad weather a Paramedic was stuck at Millom and was needed at Grange over Sands. UIR set off  but received call on route from Police to say that they had managed to get through. UIR returned to Base.


Called out by Police to search bay for light aircraft. UIR and other teams searched for plane reported to be on fire.  After extensive search of Morecambe Bay by teams and surrounding land by emergency helicopter, nothing found. Stood down at 7.30pm


Out searching for vehicles stuck in snow.  UIR being one of many search and rescue  teams covering the whole of Cumbria. Well done to all the Mountain Rescue Teams.

15/4/13 1.30pm

Called out to Baycliff ( together with Great North Air Ambulance) to rescue elderly man who had fallen on beach close to cliffs.  Stood down at 3.30pm


Called out to Bardsea beach.   Reported that a  Microlite had crashed into water and the pilot had sustained a broken leg. Pilot was found to be further up the beach than expected and Ambulance paramedics were able to treat injuries which turned out to be two broken ankles. UIR being no longer required, returned to  base.


Report of person stuck in sand off Chapel Island. UIR went out to investigate, turned out to be false alarm, found to be fisherman not in danger.


Called to Windermere to provide cover for charity boat race.

19/7/13   17.45pm

Report of missing person  near to Chapel Island. UIR in attendance  together with helicopter and police. Searched Chapel Island and surrounding sands. Missing person later found safe and well.  Stood down.

24/7/13  21.30  

Report of vehicle stuck in Mud. Called out by Liverpool Coastguard attended scene. False alarm.  Found to be fisherman not in danger.

15/8/13  12.00 UIR called out via 999 system ( Liverpool Coastguard)  People reported stuck on Chapel island false alarm.


Asked to provide emergency cover for walk across the sands. Two quad bikes deployed. No incidents



Asked to provide emergency cover for swimming race at Roa Island several dinghies overturned in Walney Channel, RNLI rescued three people. UIR  ( already in the area) were asked to assist  under direction of H M Coastguard, Team effort with RNLI

30/9/13   11.45am

Major search of Walney Channel for missing person. UIR called out to assist   Tasked to search the south end of Walney from Snab Point round Piel Island and to ferry Mountain Rescue Members. Stood down at 16.30.

5/10/13  10.30am

Tasked by Furness Coastguard to search south end of Walney with quad bikes. Two boats used to search low water line from Jubilee Bridge to the lighthouse. Also searched Lousey Point. Missing person- nothing found Sadly later became a recovery operation by Police

11/10/13  10.45pm

Called out by H M Coastguard. Four people stuck in two 4x4 vehicles in sand, and the incoming tide. ALL SAVED


Called to assist Police at Walney, Vulnerable person pulled out of water



Major flooding in Ulverston. Requested to be on standby by Liverpool Coastguard. Assisted with flooding incidents under the direction of the Fire Brigade. Assisted residents with sandbags.


Called out by Furness Coastguard to do a search of Bardsea/ Baycliffe beach area. Fishermen reported to be in trouble. Found to be safe. All teams stood down .


UIR on standby all weekend due to expected flooding at Canal Foot and the Coast Road Ulverston.


Major flooding in Ulverston.  On hand to help  Fire Brigade and Police as required.   Crew on duty all day patrolling, sandbagging and helping  residents.


Flooding incidents


Amber flood warning for Canal Foot. UIR in attendance.


UIR paged by Liverpool at 12.30. Person cut off by tide at Flookburgh. Casualty recovered  by UIR and returned to shore. Bay Search and Ulverston Police also in attendance.


Marshall Keswick to Barrow Walk,  Walker requiring hospital treatment. UIR ( providing emergency cover) transported person to Furness General Hospital.


Attempted suicide at Aldingham, UIR together with Barrow Coastguards and RLNI searched coastline. Person found. Life saved.


Called out by H M coastguard Liverpool. Two people cut off by water at Humphey Head. UIR, Bay Search and Rescue and Arnside Coastguard all in attendance. Couple saved by Bay Search and Rescue. Team effort with UIR.


Safety boat needed on Lake Windermere for sponsored race.  UIR asked to assist.  One of many occasions when UIR provides emergency cover for charity events..


Paged by H M Coastguard Liverpool. Person reported to be in danger at Cark.  UIR together with RNLI searched marshland and water working as  a team. Person found safe being local fisherman .


Called out to Water Yeat at 17.45. Stood down at 18.20.


Requested to provide emergency cover for walk across Morecambe Bay


Called out by H M Coastguard Liverpool. Two people rescued from sandbanks at Greenodd.


Called out at 14.30 by H M Coastguard Liverpool.  Man and dog saved at Canal Foot.              


Request received from Police to assist with search for missing person at Walney, Found and taken to safety.



UIR and coastguard called out to search for 62 year old wind surfer. Bay Search and Rescue also searched other side of Bay. Windsurfing equipment found, Body later recovered by Police.


Very high tides, UIR called out twice by coastguard as a precaution.


Helping residents at Canal foot with sandbagging ahead of 10.1mtr tide


Callout by HM coastguard Holyhead, Two boats reported in trouble at Greenodd, False alarm


UIR called out to Holker, SAVED three adults, two children and two dogs from   rising tide.  One our most important rescues. Happy outcome.


Provided emergency cover and marshalling for Keswick to Barrow Walk.


Provided marshalling and Ist aid station for Fred Whitton Challenge


Paged at 1.45 by HM Coastguard Holyhead. Report of missing person at Walney, Two quads and specialist night vision equipment used, Missing person found at home in bed by Police.


UIR and furness Coastguard requested to assist Ambulance Service with casualty on Bardsea beach Stood down on route-not required.


Paged at 15.30 by MCA to assist NW Ambulance service to recover casualty from beach near Bardsea having suffered a heart attack.. Casualty transferred by NW Air Ambulance to waiting road ambulance and taken to Furness General Hospital. Stood down at 16.30.


Asked to provide emergency cover for sponsored row on Lake Windermere

2/8/15 10.00 hrs

Called out by H M Coastguard to assist Police in the recovery of a body on Bardsea beach. 39 year old South African believed to have attended Buddhist Festival at the Priory and gone for a late night swim


Requested to take members of Environmental Agency out to sea in order for them to collect water samples.


Asked to provide emergency cover for walk across the sands to Chapel Island, canceled due to poor weather.

30/8/15 21.30

Called out by H M coastguard. Red flare seen between Ulverston and viaduct,Two boats launched plus quads with night vision cameras, Glaxo Smith Kline lent us an additional Thermal Imaging camera. Team stood down at 1.20 having been joined by Arnside Coastguard. Nothing found.


Requested  by Environmental Agency to assist with taking more water samples from Morecambe Bay.


Requested to provide emergency cover for the walk across the sands to Chapel Island, Water quite deep in places, Two quads used. No incidents.


Called out by H M Coastguard with report of woman stuck in sand off Priory Point Ulverston, On arrival it was found to be a woman and dog, Woman managed to reach safety but dog needed to be rescued

3/10/15  10.30 am

Called out by HM Coastguard Holyhead Reports of shouting and engine noises in fog on sands off Hazelhurst Point. Found tracks and searched area but nothing found Stood down at 12.50

10/10/15 1st Callout 2056 hrs

Called out by H M Coastguard with reports of three red parachute flares been seen close to Canal Foot. Ulverston Inshore Rescue together with Bay search and Rescue deployed to search area between Priory

Point and Greenodd Toilets. Nothing found Stood down at 2345 hrs

11/10/15 2nd Callout

Person reported to be in water in Windermere close to Low Wood Hotel, Casualty found by pleasure craft, Casualty brought ashore to waiting ambulance having been in water for two hours without a Life Jacket Stood down at 0230 hrs


UIR were called out on the 11.06.2016 at 22.30pm to assist Furness Coastguard in searching the shoreline north of the Aerodrome opposite the Black Huts and along the shore of the Black Huts.

After getting information from a local resident it was decided to concentrate on the North Walney side of the channel.

Crew on scene: Ulv 1 / Ulv 2 / Ulv 5 / Ulv 12

Equipment used: 2 x Rescue 4x4’s and 2 x Quad bikes.

After a thorough search of the area we stood down at 01.30.

Kit was washed down and ready for service at 03.00am.


Ulverston Inshore Rescue were paged today by Holyhead Coastguard at 12.45 to assist Furness Coastguard and Cumbria Constabulary to search for a missing person last seen near to Ulverston Viaduct.

We were tasked to launch our Arancia Rescue Boat with 2 crew to search north west of the Viaduct towards Greenodd, we also had 2 crew on standby with the Polaris Quad Bikes to search the shoreline from Canal Foot to the Viaduct once the tide had receded.

6 x Crew attended from Ulverston Inshore rescue / 6 x Crew attended from Furness Coastguard.

High Tide was 12.20pm @ Ulverston / Height at Barrow Dock 9.6mtr.

The missing person was found and all crews were stood down at 14.00pm.

Good team work from all organizations attending.

Ulverston Inshore Rescue - Registered Charity 1101567