Ulverston Inshore Rescue

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Paul: 07889333886


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A big thank you to INS who sponsored all our Swift Water Gear without their help we would not be able to operate.

All our Swift water technicians are trained to the SWT Defra Level 3 & 5 so we can attend all incidents.

With our on-going training in the local rivers and lakes we have worked alongside other rescue teams to enhance our training and knowledge.

This has enabled us to keep our skills and current and to the highest standards.

Ulverston Inshore Rescue was set up by Stan Lewis & Jim Prosser after many tragedies on the dangerous Bay Sands.

The concept was brought to life 17 years ago with basic equipment and a limited crew, we now have 16 volunteers and various pieces of specialist rescue kit that is available 24 hours ad 7 days a week.

Without the dedication and hour after hour of fund raising by Pat Prosser none of this would be here today.

Ulverston Inshore Rescue Swift Water Rescue Team